Where Are They Now: Famous Meme People

23 MAR, 2016 8,486 views Celeb | Funny

You know those memes that we see like a thousand times per month on social media? They’re basically the international way to respond to anything and everything via social media. Well, the people in those memes are real people, with real lives, and are now a little older…a little wiser. See where your favorite meme people are today….

Ermahgerd Girl A simple photo taken while dressing up with friends when she was only 11-years-old would later come back to haunt Maggie Goldenberger over 12 years later. The image was randomly found by a Reddit user browsing a public Facebook page, and quickly became one of the most recognized memes on the internet Goldenberger was on a trip in India when she was first tipped off by a friend, and now she has to simply laugh it off every time someone brings up a moment she never knew the entire world would ever see.

Scumbag Steve made meme fame as the wannabe we all love to hate thanks to his mom posting the photo to MySpace in 2006 (we know). As it turns out, real life Blake Boston hasn’t really changed much in his fashion sense, and he’s actually an aspiring rapper!


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