There’s A Prison Themed Restaurant In China Where You Can Have Your Meals In Jail

28 NOV, 2014 2,871 views Amazing

A prison themed restaurant has opened in Tianjin City, China, and it aims to give people a taste of prison life. The Prison of Fire is decked out to look like a genuine Chinese prison, where dinner parties have their meals while seated in separate iron cages.

Customers walk down dimly-lit corridors lined with brick walls before being “locked up” in iron-barred cells, equipped with shackles and handcuffs. “Inmates” must place their orders on an iPad-menu. The food – a fusion of traditional Chinese and western food – is then passed through a small door hatch.

While eating, diners can look on at the dungeons, confinement rooms, water torture devices and watch music bands playing from inside a giant birdcage contraption. The atmosphere is dark and somewhat forbidding. The owner said that he wants diners to ‘cherish their freedom and stay away from crimes’. Let’s hope it works!


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