The Strangest Things To Wash Up On Beaches

21 NOV, 2016 2,923 views Shocking

ADVERTISEMENT What would you do if you went to the beach for a nice day of sunbathing, and instead you found a bunch of shoes all over the beach. No where to sit….just a beach covered in shoes. Sounds like one of those crazy dreams we all have from time to time. Only, it’s not a crazy dream. It’s real life. International shipments by sea don’t always go so smoothly. It’s very easy for them to lose some of their cargo due to weather conditions, or simply accidents or miscalculations. Thus, here are the strangest things to have washed up to shore…

Bananas washed up on shore.

In 2007, residents of the Dutch North Sea island of Terschelling, located 70 miles north of Amsterdam, went bananas (literally) when thousands of bananas washed ashore after at least six containers of the fruit fell off a cargo ship in a storm and at least one burst open, according to USA Today. Bunches of the unripe fruit from Cuba also washed up on neighboring Amerland Island. It isn’t clear what happened to the bananas that littered the beach, although at the time, residents suggested sending most of the fruit to local zoos.

Sneakers wash up on shore.


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