The 100 Most Beautiful Women on Earth

18 DEC, 2015 50,380 views Celeb

Have you ever wondered who are the most blessed women in the world when it comes to beauty? There are 195 countries in the world and people will always argue on which country has the most beautiful women in the world. It is a question that doesn’t have an exact answer or any source of proof because every person has a will define beauty differently.  No matter how different our opinions may be when it comes to beauty, we can’t deny the fact that these 100 women are beautiful, attractive and most definitely hot! Join us as we being the most aesthetically pleasing countdown in the world…

100. Danielle Sharp

Danielle Sharp, first gained attention at the end of 2011 when she was named sexiest student in Britain by Loaded. She has a degree in fashion brand management from the University of Central Lancashire and appeared on FHM last November 2013. She’s also a vegetarian and bloody loves the grocery chain, Aldi.

99. Jessie J

Jessica Ellen Cornish or better known as Jessie J is an English singer and songwriter. Jessie went to the US in search of a record label, within two days she found herself with 8 different offers. She is also a mentor in The Voice UK. She is the famous woman behind the songs like Domino, Price Tag and Laserlight. The J in her name stands for “whatever you want it to.”


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