86 Year Old Grandma Just Got Married And Wowed Beyond Belief

27 OCT, 2016 1,356 views Inspiring

ADVERTISEMENT Millie Taylor-Morrison is an 86-year old bride who married Harold Morrison, 85, on October 16. She has known Harold since the 1950’s. He was even a guest at her first wedding. But her first husband passed away in 1992. Harold and Millie had lost touch through the years but reconnected at church. When Harold got sick, Millie picked him up and took him to church every Sunday.

“He got really sick again a year or two ago to the point where he couldn’t live alone and he moved in with her,” Khadija told HuffPost. “After a year of him getting better, they wanted to be married. As a Christian woman, she felt strongly about not having a man in the house without being married and she wanted to be a role model for her granddaughters.”

Although Millie was an 86 year old bride, she looked stunning to say the least!


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