7 Weird Changes To Body Parts Resulting From Evolution

30 AUG, 2015 2,694 views Informative

This will certainly blow you away. There was once a time, when we didn’t look like we do now. Our bodies didn’t function the way they do now. Humans were basically a totally different species than now. Why did we change? Good ole evolution. These are just some of the ways our bodies used to work back in the day…..crazy!

Our Lips

You may be surprised to know that humans are the only species on Earth that has exposed lips. The lips of all the other animals do not show interior skin like ours do. Why is that? Well, our ancient ancestors were used to seeing a woman’s vajayjay whenever they wanted, but as we moved from walking on all fours to an upright position, the nether lips became hidden. Eventually the facial lips started to turn out and show more flesh. Like their lower counterparts, these lips plump and flush when aroused.



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