48 Celebrity Fashion Disasters That Made Us Go WTF

28 NOV, 2014 11,430 views Celeb

Celebrities always seem to look awesome, except when they don’t. Clearly having a team of professional stylists on hand and a wardrobe that almost never repeats itself is not a foolproof system for looking great. It certainly wasn’t enough to keep these famous faces from donning some very hideous outfits. Even stars like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian may occasionally push at the fashion boundaries a little too much.

Here are some photos that show what happens when ugly outfits happen to lovely people.

Kim Kardashian

Even the couch that was sacrificed to make this dress knew it was ugly. The dress knows it’s ugly. Does Kim know? With the relentless and unforgiving nature of the pattern, and the matching, harsh middle part, plus the high reaching collar that makes her head look like a potato sitting atop an uprighted sofa, Kim looks strict, matronly, inflated, and unflattered.

Kim Kardashian


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