28 Beautiful Photos Of Women Going Topless In Stunning Travel Destinations Around The World

28 NOV, 2014 24,621 views Amazing

An online movement calling for women to take their tops off and capture their moments of freedom and liberation has become the latest viral trend on Instagram. Scores of women all over the world, from Florida to France to Thailand, are joyously taking their tops off in some of the most spectacular settings for The Topless Tour.

After rooftopping, in which daredevils scale the world’s tallest skyscrapers to capture stunning photos of the world below, the latest photo sharing trend is less death-defying, but perhaps no less thrilling. One woman that submitted her topless photo said “All that pressure and judging went away. And so did my shirt. I felt free, happy, and me.

The photos are tasteful; nothing is gratuitous. Check them out in the gallery below.

Topless In Yosemite National Park, California


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