20 Animals That Are Likely To Become Extinct Before You Die

24 JUL, 2015 8,120 views Amazing

The world is a place of constant change. There is no getting out of it. So far, humans have been able to adapt to constant change and survive. But, with animals it’s another story. Some animals start falling off, having their species become extinct because their habitats take such a big hit in change. Here are 20 of those animals that may not be around much longer…

Hooded seals

Hooded seals are found only in small areas of the North Atlantic and are heavily hunted. The seal is known for its unique nasal cavity located at the top of his head, which inflates and deflates while swimming. The campaign also inflates when it feels threatened, attracts mates and symbolizes health and higher status. These huge animals can weigh up to 900 pounds and measure 8 feet long.

Tree Kangaroo


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