15 Disturbing Facts That Fast Food Restaurants Don’t Want You To Know

28 NOV, 2014 3,602 views Informative

McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell – which one are you craving today? There are more than enough food documentaries and obese people in the world to alarm and convince us of the negative effects of fast food, but having a look at some relatable info might help you fully grasp what these “foods” do to our bodies.

Here are 15 dirty secrets about fast food that will make you consider never visiting a drive-thru again.

1. The shakes are full of chemicals.

Strawberry milkshakes from McDonald’s and Dairy Queen contain more chemicals than a conventional fertilizer. Up to 50 chemicals – some of which are found in perfumes – are mostly contained in the strawberry flavoring. This doesn’t mean you should treat your lawn to strawberry milkshakes, though, unless you want to bring all the boys to your yard.

2. It makes your kids fat.


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