10 Super Delicious Ways To Season Your Steak That Go Beyond Salt and Pepper

28 NOV, 2014 7,989 views Informative

We love a juicy, well-cooked (though not well-done!) steak. When you’ve got a quality cut of meat, you don’t have to gussy it up with complicated rubs and extravagant sauces. Chef Frank Deloach has 10 exceptional ways to season steak that add flavor without adding fat.

Ready to cook some seriously awesome beef? This is your time to shine. Combine ingredients, rub all over your gorgeously marbled beef slabs and pop it in the fridge (two hours max) to soak up all those beautiful flavors. Cook in cast-iron skillet to desired doneness. Easy peasy. Tip: For the juiciest steak possible, salt your beef after you’ve cooked it.



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