10 People You Won’t Believe Exist In Real Life. The Last One Completely Blew My Mind.

28 NOV, 2014 53,990 views Shocking

People that look different are often ridiculed and ostracized by society – if they are lucky. Worse, they may be harmed, tortured or even killed.

Many of these conditions you will see in the following photo gallery are beyond belief. Some are due to genes, others are due to odd habits. Although many may find the photos frightening and unsettling, we think it is important to help bring greater awareness to them.

The man with zero percent fat

Tom Staniford lives with Myelodysplastic Preleukemic (MDP) syndrome, a condition in which his body is unable to store fat under his skin.

MDP is an extremely rare metabolic disorder, which is currently known to affect only a total of eight people in the entire world.

People with MDP all share the same “no fat whatsoever” characteristics, which include the appearance of sunken eyes, cheeks, and withered lips.

Tom’s face is so skinny that you can see his skull’s shape and structure.

He lost all the fat around his face and limbs during childhood having been born a normal weight.

In spite of his wasted frame, Staniford’s body thinks he is obese, meaning he has type 2 diabetes. His hearing also became impaired in his childhood, requiring him to wear hearing aids since the age of 10.

Staniford has not let the condition hold him back from achieving several goals, including being British national paracycling circuit race champion in 2011, as well as a degree in law and French.

He hopes to become Paralympic circuit race champion at Rio 2016.


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